You may benefit from abdominoplasty if you have loose screen and fat that is concentrate in the abdomen .abdominal skin may become aflaccid due to substantial wait loss muscles that have been separated weakened by pregnancy can be tightened by abdominoplasty as well .the appearance of stretch mark especially those located below navel can be substantially improved by this procedure.

Do I need abdorninoplastx ?

If you have any or some of the underlaying condition you may want to consider this option .

1. Abdominal skin that is excess or sagging

2. A protruding abdomen that is out of proportion of the rest of your body

3. Abdominal muscles that have been separated mild weakness

4. Excess fatty tissue that is concentrate in your abdomen

Any plan of pregnancy in future or of loosing a significant amount of weight must be discussed with your plastic surgeon .any resultant scaring from previous abdominal surgery may limit the result of your abdominoplasty .

The surgeon will examine you and consider factors like the amount excess skin and the state of your abdominal muscles . these will determine the exact procedure that you will need

How abdominoplasty is performed

The specific technique selected to smooth and flatten your abdomen will be determine by the individual factors and personal references .

1. Incision are generally hidden in the undergarments lines

2. Excess skin is pulled down and removed

3. The navel is repositioned to the originals site

4. The muscles of the abdominal wall retightened

Possibly , it liposuction alone can deal with the problem you may not need any measure incisions . your plastic surgeon , after discussing with you will determine the best procedure


A few potential complications like bleeding , infection and reaction to anesthesia may be discussed with you .there is the possibility of tissue loss along portion horizontal incision in a very extensive . abdominoplasty . this complication , which is responsible for delaying healing and prolonging recovery , is more common in patients who smoke or have medical conditions such as diabetes in certain instance where incisions may have healed poorly revisionary is sometimes helpful .

Sometimes post surgery , fluid may acculumate under the skin . though removal of this serum is a painless process , it may be require several visits to the plastic surgeon’s office

Preparation for surgery

You will be ask to stop smoking well in advanced of surgery if you smoke . increase bleeding can be caused by aspirin and certain anti -inflammatory drugs .it is therefore recommended that you avoid taking these medications for a period of time before surgery . your surgeon will provide you with additional pre -operative instruction as well.

Abdominoplasty may be performed on an outpatient basis . but in case , drains have been placed , it is recommended that you stay as an inpatient as till they are removed on the 3rd or 4th day .hospitalization may also be required if abdominoplasty is performed in conjunction with medically necessary procedure such as hysterectomy or hernia repair .

A detailed information and instruction sheet will be provided at the time of admission .


Your firmer and flatter abdomen will enhance your body contour as a result of abdominoplasty . wearing certain style of clothing will be easier and comfortable . you will be. More confident about your appearance.

The incision from the procedure will heal and fade over time . however one needs to understand that the incision lines will be permanently visible .in a few cases they may eventually be only faint lines . certain individuals may have incisions lines that are more noticeable . fortunately , the incisions for your abdominoplasty are usually in locations concealed by most bathing suits and undergarments .

Wearing a support garments for several weeks may be instructed .

Your abdomen should remain firmer and flatter for many years subject to your gaining or losing a significant amount of weight or. Becoming pregnant .however factors like gravity and effects of aging will eventually take their toll . in case , after a few years , you again become dissatisfied with the appearance of your abdomen , you may choose to undergo a second